Dracula Metaverse FAQ
🦇 Where can I buy the $DRC token? 🦇 You can get $DRC either on decentralised exchanges like app.uniswap.org to buy using crypto. Alternatively, you could get $DRC by credit card via Routelay, limited purchase up to 1000$
🗝️ What is a Dracula KEY ? 🗝️ The Dracula KEY is our very own NFT be minted on 22 April 2PM UTC, it will allow you access to Dracula Metaverse with the ability to Play and Earn $WRLD tokens!
🤔 What is the $DRC token utility ? 🤔 Holding $DRC allows you to mint a Dracula KEY at a discount, additionally, it will allow you to have in-game Titles unlocking extra $WRLD rewards!
📜 How do I get in the Mint Whitelist ? 📜 Keep a close eye to our twitter and discord account, Whitelist spots will be shared every few days, be ready to get yours!
⁉️ [Legacy Protocol] Should I unstake my $DRC ? ⁉️ There is no emergency to unstake, the Dracula Protocol as you know it will still exist for 1 year. The whitelist, and NFT mint discount benefit will check on your wallet for $DRC token, so you would need to unstake to benefit from the mint discounted price!
⁉️ [Legacy Protocol] How can I unstake my $DRC or LPs ? ⁉️
Please head to the v2.1 website, alternatively if you have staked in an older version, you will have to use Etherscan to unstake or withdraw your LPs. Follow this tutorial [Soon!]