Dracula KEY

What is a Dracula KEY? in a nutshell - a gaming pass as an NFT
The 🗝️Dracula KEY🗝️ will be your access key to the Dracula Metaverse gaming experience.
🔓 Each of the 8888 unique NFTs will provide holders with the ability to join the Dracula Metaverse as well as own specific in-game items that can be used while playing.
🍀 When a Dracula NFT is minted, each will be assigned traits, some more rare than others.

⚔️ Faction ⚔️

Chance of a character that belongs to 1 of the 3 Factions.
🗡️ Blood Hunters 🗡️
Powerful human knight and noble descendant of a royal lineage. Their mission is to eradicate the vermin of magical creatures from their lands. They are strategic and persevering and will stop at nothing to fulfil their duties as rulers. All humans count on them to restore order and peace to the world.
👹 Half Bloods 👹
Half demon and half vampire, half-bloods are powerful creatures. They have the bestial strength of demons and the power of vampires. They are treated like beasts by humans and are not legitimate for the original blood. Acquiring the bloodstones will allow them to clear their honour and gain the respect of the original blood.
🧛 Original Bloods 🧛
Considering them as the only true vampires. Their lineage is pure and has never been altered. They consider themselves worthy descendants of Dracula's power. They live in a certain aristocracy divided into several houses that have their own history. They do not want the noble power of the bloodstones to be tainted by Half blood or worse by humans.

🎮 In-Game Items 🎮

There are some key starting items that will be available to holders based on the NFT you hold. These items will be familiar to Minecraft players such as Armour and Weapons. Pay attention to the items your NFT has assigned to it, some of these may be very valuable and support your Dracula Metaverse Quests!

🎭 Visual 🎭

There are other NFT Traits that are purely visual. These will be a way to distinguish yours from the other unique NFTs. Visual Traits can also be more rare than others !
The NFTs as well as the corresponding in-game items will all live on the blockchain. A future Marketplace will allow holders to buy and sell these in-game items.
👀 Keep an eye on our roadmap, additional utility for Dracula NFT holders may be in the works ! 👀