Dracula Metaverse
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How did it all start

🕯️ The beginning... 🕯️

600 years ago,... Dracula, the powerful vampire lord, spread fear and chaos throughout the metaverse.
No one dared challenge him or even meet his eyes. His pupils were as black as night and his blood-red irises totally paralyzed anyone who looked at him.
His reputation preceded him, so much so that all creatures of the metaverse bowed before him.To further establish his dominance, he began his ultimate plan. Without any scruples, he intended to fulfil his destiny: to become the undisputed master, the absolute and eternal ruler of this world...
It is then that 20 characters of 3 factions, until then enemies, decided to unite their forces to counter this tragic fate. Human knights (blood hunters), creatures of mixed blood (half bloods) and vampires (original bloods) formed an alliance.
The efforts of the factions paid off. Dracula was spotted and captured and imprisoned in the most secure castle of all time, where he was subjected to the worst tortures to extract all his powers and secrets.
The only way to diminish his powers was to extract his blood. This blood, with its extraordinary properties, allowed the creation of bloodstones, giving unique powers to those who possessed them.
In order to restore peace and balance to the world, 21 Dracula bloodstones were created to be distributed among each faction. Dracula, stripped of some of his powers, no longer posed an imminent deadly threat.
On the eve of the ceremony to hand over the stones to the allies, and to bring peace to the world, the worst happened. A mysterious figure stole the 21 stones and scattered them throughout the metaverse.
Betrayed, disgraced and boiling with rage, the three factions decided to break the alliance that had united them, convinced that the traitor was hiding among his former allies.
A merciless war for absolute power, glory and honor began, ravaging everything in its path. Thousands of souls would perish and peace would never return to this world.
However, there was still hope that the stones could be found. An ancient legend said that a grimoire had been written at the time, an ancient grimoire filled with magic that could unlock the secrets of the stones and their location.
However, for anyone approaching the stones there was a warning. Possessing the powers of Dracula, they were not harmless. Such strong powers could not be left in just any hands.
Blood Hunters, Half Bloods and Original Bloods went on a quest. Collecting the stones and the truth became more than a mission, it became their reason for living.
Recently the mysterious grimoire filled with riddles was discovered. It is said that each riddle gives the location of a bloodstone.
The player begins his adventure to search for the bloodstones for the honour of his faction.

⚔️ Factions ⚔️

🧛 Original Blood 🧛

🧛 Description : Considering them as the only true vampires. Their lineage is pure and has never been altered. They consider themselves worthy descendants of Dracula's power. They live in a certain aristocracy divided into several houses that have their own history.
🧛 Goal : They do not want the noble power of the bloodstones to be tainted by mixed blood or worse by humans.

👹 Half Blood 👹

👹 Description : Half demon and half vampire, half-bloods are powerful creatures. They have the bestial strength of demons and the power of vampires. They are treated like beasts by humans and are not legitimate for the original blood.
👹 Goal : Acquiring the bloodstones will allow them to clear their honour and gain the respect of the original blood.

🗡️ Blood Hunter 🗡️

🗡️ Description : Powerful human knights and noble descendants of a royal lineage. Their mission is to eradicate the vermin magical creatures from their lands. They are strategic and persistent and will stop at nothing to fulfil their duties as rulers. All humans rely on them to restore order and peace to the world.
🗡️ Goal : They want to eradicate all the vermin of vampires and half blood with the power of the stones.