Vision & Roadmap

🔆 Our vision is to provide our players with an abstraction of the blockchain while enjoying a metaverse experience and vibrant community.
🫂 You will be able to earn $WRLD and $DRC, play a beautiful story with multiplayer and multifactions interactions.
🔗 Additionally, you will learn about history and blockchain through the process.
🌎 Our goal is to be the pioneer of learning and earning experiences based on NFTWorld Platform !
0️⃣ =>Phase 0
  • Creation of a Gaming Studio - MetaMorph is born (see The Team)
  • Buy NFTWorld Land
  • Crafting Dracula Metaverse Story
  • Crafting Game Design draft
  • Roadmap and Comm Plan
1️⃣ =>Phase 1
  • Dracula-Metaverse Website Design
  • Dracula-Metaverse NFT Smart Contracts
  • Dracula-Metaverse Website Development
  • Dracula-Metaverse NFT Designs (Completed! 25/03/2022)
  • Dracula-Metaverse World Building and Blockchain Integration (Completed 27/03/2022)
  • Dracula-Metaverse World Teaser (Completed on 20/03/2022)
  • Dracula-Metaverse Game Play Teaser (In Progress)
  • Dracula-Metaverse Cinematic Music & Trailer Musics (In Progress)
  • Dracula-Metaverse NFT meta-data and image layers generation (In Progress)
  • Dracula-Metaverse NFT Mint - 22 April
  • Dracula-Metaverse NFT Reveal Party
  • Dracula-Metaverse World Launch
2️⃣ =>Phase 2
  • Quests and Story telling for each faction
  • World Build - extended map (In Progress)
  • Development of Storyline and Quests
  • Development of Learn and Earn Quests
  • Events Schedule and Recurring Quests
3️⃣ =>Phase 3
  • $DRC Staking Rewards
  • New inter-connected World Development starts
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